Corrective Makeup for Over 40 or 50

I have great news for you!… Yes, you CAN look younger just by how you apply your makeup…
Here is the first thing I teach all my clients over 40 or 50 to do that brings back the brightness around the eye area that we lose as we age.
Step 1. Apply eye primer thinly all over the upper eye area (lashes to brows) using your finger.Choose the¬†eye primer in “light” shade if you are fair…… or extremely dark behind your upper eye……. or want a more dramatic eye look. Use eye primer in the “natural” shade if you are medium toned skin…… or want a natural, less makeup look? Set with powder lightly all over before applying your eye shadows. Your eyes will be brighter again!

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Eye shadow primer

Eye Shadow Primer

Custom Blended Loose Powder

Custom Blended Loose Powder

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