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The beauty magazines just recycle the same, useless advice unless you are under 35. You can’t go to a department store makeup counter and have a 23 year old girl, who only knows the line she represents with sales quotas to meet, give you any makeup guidance… plus they will usually make you exactly how they do their own face. That’s why I love the products I have made, all geared to truly solving makeup problems of a more mature face. No woman should now be wearing eye shadows that are frosted or are a true color, only choose matte shades that compliment your coloring in a natural way. When I teach a lesson I can show you how you can lift the 5 areas of your face just by the shade, brush, and where you place the makeup. The areas where you especially will notice a visible lift is by lifting the brow line, the top eye line, the cheekbone, the top lip line and firming up under the jaw. I know the answers, I’ve been working on it daily for over 30 years as a professional makeup artist and using my own face as it has changed as my test and research department! Stay tuned for more¬†makeup advice for women over 40 and 50¬† as I share my knowledge with women who know they can look better just by learning an updated way to apply their makeup, and I always love to get your beauty questions! Ask me on my Marilyn Young Beauty website!

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