Makeup Application Tips : The Minimum Makeup You Really Need

How much makeup do you really need when all you want to do is look natural and not spend a lot of time?  The answer is to spend your time only on the areas that are going to create the biggest before and after impact. Which is really only 4 areas and just takes a couple of minutes and still gives you a finished balanced face that looks effortless. Here is the technique explained in easy steps. The 4 areas to pay attention to: concealing any discoloration around the eye area .

  1.  (concealer), evening out the skintone (foundation and powder) Concealer…with a yellowish, green base shade
  2. Foundation…in an exact skin match
  3. Powder…loose or pressed
  4.  Cheek color…in a pinky, beige tone
  5.  Lip pencil…also in a pinky, beige tone
  6.  Lip Color…to match your natural lip shade
  7.  Eye Color…a soft neutral
  8.  Eyeliner…use powder with a slanted brush
  9. Mascara… always black!
  10. Brow Color …2 shades lighter than your natural brow color, choose powder color applying with a stiff slanted brush

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